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About this Journal
Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace. Herein shall be found instructions to my army of drones, or my rants on life. Read at your own risk - any subliminal messaging that is imparted is not the responsibility of the management.
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Apr. 3rd, 2007 @ 09:20 pm well well
Current Location: Yuppie-ville
Feeling: boredbored
Listening to: History Channel
So much for this. Anyway. Am watching "Last stand of the 300" which is all about the naval battle so far. And all Empress wants is one of those amazingly kick ass Grecian helmets with the whoosh and the plume and the cheek guards down to here. Yes.

like this only with a sprinkle of fabulosity and you got it!

This week sucks. No luck on any of the job inquiries. So for the first time in five years do not have a solid summer plan. Feh. Would have been better off working for St. T's and doing video editing up at school. But...it's too late. Damn. Maybe will talk to the Parents.

In other news, when Little Sister got back to her dorm, she found that a pipe in the ceiling had burst and her room was flooded. Luckily she was gone for about a month so she had all of her electronics and a lot of her clothes...but drones, if my room was flooded, Empress would lose half her shit! Feel so bad for her and hope her room gets fixed soon.

Nothing much else is going on. The weather is horrible here in Yuppie-ville and Empress grows more and more distasteful each day of the suburbs of Chicago. But! In less than 24 hours will be in Colorado, heaven upon earth, for three wonderful days. Mmm...why was Empress in a bad mood again? Can't recall. Should be therapeutic to say the least.

So posteth the Future Empress of the World
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Feb. 5th, 2007 @ 11:04 am Heaven!
Current Location: Lounge
Feeling: hyperhyper
Listening to: Fangirl squeels of glee
Drones, darlings! Two quick things then Empress must fly. First. Hard drive has crashed. Computer is dead. Will hopefully have things fixed soon but until then am dead duck as far as online life goes. Secondly, and why am in no emo angst about item 1...Jay McCarroll and Urban Outfitters have teamed up! OMG! He's in stores, drones! Next month they'll be releasing his stuff and Empress is so there.
Keep an eye out here
Squee!!!1!!!one!!! *dies*

Oh Jay, you bitchy queen, even though you diss our personal guru Tim Gunn, you are still an amazing designer and Empress will wear your clothes with pride.

So posteth the Future Empress of the World
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bad boys
Feb. 1st, 2007 @ 01:24 am Damn you, Renaissance!
Current Location: Somewhere scary
Feeling: angryangry
Listening to: Kansas
Petrarch must die. Drones, call me when it's done and a large South American country is yours for the taking. That is all.

So commandeth the Future Empress of the World
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Jan. 27th, 2007 @ 02:07 pm Top of the morning, guv'nor
Current Location: A much better place
Feeling: weirdweird
Listening to: FlyGirl (PR Season 1)
First of all, to account for my wonderful mood swing...We beat Hamline! Eat it! Coach said Hamline's coaches were talking shit about us before...yes, we do have a losing record but we did last year too and made it to the playoffs. For some reason we need to get beat before we start to win. Re: Seabiscuit, etc. So that was awesome. Their coach is also Starter’s old high school coach and one of my old Colorado Select teammates goes there, making it that much sweeter. Here’s to hoping my girls can sustain the flow and work the system!

So that made my weekend much better. Because everything else isn't going so well. Drones, we have a new seek and destroy mission. Your target? Petrarch. He is a very annoying humanist from pre Renaissance Italy and he is making Empress's life hell. He also has a deep seated vendetta against pagans, the Greeks and Romans in particular, and is intent on attributing anything good they wrote (which was quite a lot) to the grace of a god they never heard of and when they did, didn't care for. It's insulting and listening to my classmate's reactions to said material makes me want to hit them. But I don't, because a, that's wrong, and b, plotting their eventual downfall due to my snatching of the book prize is so much more fun. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold. Have had a subzero installed for just that purpose and look forward to planning the party. Mwhahahaha!

In linkage...Project Rungay will bring you much joy if you are anywhere close to being a Project Runway addict like me.

Just finished watching a French New Wave film, "Hiroshima Mon Amour", which could account for the weird mood am in. Weird ass movie! But good. Weird! But well done. Will probably not understand it until after the paper is due but such is life, drones, such is life.

Also, Consort called me a 4:30 this morning. Woke up but did not answer. That is not cool. He is being a pain right now and so have that lovely complication in my life. Men are turning out to be not as much fun as previously thought. Damn it.

So posteth the Future Empress of the World
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Jan. 25th, 2007 @ 11:10 am Mid Morning Mind Funk
Current Location: Some sad place in my brain
Listening to: CNN
Let's all go
to the no Ho expo
Swear it will be fun
chilling with a nun
but when the day is done
would rather bang a Hun

Haven't even left yet and already can feel the slightly defensive posture always adopted around uber monotheastic people coming on. It's not pretty and it's not logical, but that's what happens when you're outed before you're ready and no one there is supportive. This was also brought on by going over The Secret by Petrarch and listening to the infuriating position that women distract from the sanctity of the soul and should be seen as things holding a man down. And then the sems jump all over that idea with such smugness literally had to bite inside of cheek to stop self from lashing out. Started an essay in class in responce to that, will probably be posting that later. Meh. Just am tired and want the weekend here now, s'il vous plais.

So posteth the Future Empress of the World
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Jan. 18th, 2007 @ 09:26 pm ARG?
Current Location: Vlazny
Feeling: sadsad
Yes. Um. Have gone through more drama in the past three days than my entire life. All hcokey team drama, all the time. Empress does not cry in public. Does not. But Monday and Tuesday...well, instead of glorious puck pain, instead watched my teammates each reach some frightening level of...something. Damn it! Cannot describe the agony.

That was angsty but v. true. So today, was not expecting much. And we just had the best, most energetic practice of the season. WTF? Why does this always happen? Help us stop going from the abyss to nirvana, o gods of hockey!

So posteth the Future Empress of the World
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Jan. 15th, 2007 @ 12:07 pm Le Mocktail
Current Location: Vlazny
Feeling: refreshedrefreshed
Listening to: Top Chef
So coming back to Wino-where and finding that the Institute has been hijacked wasn't the nicest surprise to find. Thereafter, Papess and Empress created a brain trust and decided to throw a "Black and White Mocktail"

Ah, so pretty those women. If you're not up on your divas, starting clockwise from top left are my ladies Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis, Carmen Miranda, Audrey Hepburn, Mae West and Pam Grier. Fierce, girlfriends!

Starting Thursday, we (being Ahimsa, Papess and myself) switched to overdrive to get this pulled together by Saturday. It involved running all over this tiny town to discover that plastic cocktail glasses are impossible to find. IMPOSSIBLE! So Papess graciously went to Rochester and spent 60 of her own dollars on lovely martini and cosmo glasses. She rocks. Ahimsa just helped us with everything and kept me sane. She seems to have to do that a lot. We decorated with lots of things from my room and tons of candles. Including these cute wine glasses candles from Target. Awesome.

It was a success, judging by the smiles, girls only too glad to dress themselves up and drink mocktails rimmed with sugar and garnished with umbrellas. The only pitfall Empress did not think about mixing up the margaritas and the pina coladas DURING the party, which cut over the conversation. Should have had more of the spritzers (mango and mojito) as well. Next time!

So basically...Empress loves planning parties. It combines interior design, fashion and food. My favorite things! But then would really become Samantha and that could be scary. Sweet.

So posteth the Future Empress of the World
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Jan. 4th, 2007 @ 06:38 pm The pain in my legs comes directly from the puck
Current Location: Vlazny
Feeling: sadsad
Listening to: Dane Cook
Hmm...that title came directly from my quads and not from the brain. But it is largely true.

Drones, there has been an Occurrence over this past week. It breaks my heart to say it...but Cute Assistant Coach isn't so much with the Cute anymore. He has grown a mullet that can only be compared to Barry Melrose circa 1985 and has what can only assume is a home highlighting job because no professional would have let it walk out the door. Wah! It makes Empress v. sad. Also, he has been acting...not himself lately. Am thinking the word may be 'eccentric' but don't think he's rich enough to fall into that category. So perhaps 'weird' is the next best description. Which is also sad. Le sigh.

In Midwestern news...am on the hunt for cute plastic cocktail glasses and can not find them! Which is shocking to me. Every girl should be able to get some, gosh darn it all to heck!

Also, in the great White Elephant gift exchange, managed to snag some Cadbury Chocolates brought fresh from New Zealand by Captain. w00t! She rocks my metaphorical socks hard core. She also got to climb Mount Doom, see Hobbiton and basically toured Middle Earth...and Empress is uber jealous and may never get over it! Gah! Anyway...Roomie gets here tomorrow and am v. excited not to be alone anymore.

So posteth the Future Empress of the World
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Jan. 2nd, 2007 @ 02:20 pm Back in Vlaz
Current Location: Vlazny
Feeling: soresore
Listening to: The Who
Well, back in Wino-where for now, back with the team, Cute Assistant Coach and a v. empty room. Sad day. Have lots of food from the grandparents and a new Invader Zim DVD. V. exciting. Not too much to report re: Midwestern Holiday, other than survived the dinner. Go me. So yeah. Practice is going, though my status regarding any games is kind of up in the air. Ah well. Am v. sore and must needs go wrap the White Elephant gift got for team...MensHealth cookbook entitled "A Man, a Can and a Grill". What else does a modern women need?

Also, just went and got cinderblocks. It is good to be a cute coed alone in a hardware store because all manner of cute clerks rush to help you out and didn't even have to load up Demon, though did have to make eight trips back and forth once back at school. Still, was totally worth it. Yummy.

And just because...
'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com


So posteth the Future Empress of the World
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firefly, simon tam
Dec. 21st, 2006 @ 04:00 pm Men are from...somewhere
Current Location: Yuppie-ville
Feeling: lonelylonely
Listening to: Apollo 13
So anyhoo. Empress kind of has a man. He shall be known herewith as Consort. Why? Because.

He called me about a week and a half after Empress departed London. He says he loves me now; that he didn't know what he had until Empress was gone. To which Empress said..."Oh." In subtext also said "OMG Am so not ready for this!"

More background: he is thirty, kind of chavy in style but not personality and a huge Oasis fan. Not at all the guy anyone pictured Empress would end up with! But Consort is a gentleman (so far) and well...he said those three little words most guys never do! Arg.

In Colbert news, if you haven't seen the 'guitar solo off' between him and the Decemberists...have never laughed so hard IN MY LIFE. Too much, this man!

Am leaving for Minnesota tomorrow, am hoping the drive goes well and that the fam doesn't drive me too crazy. Will report soon, hopefully, otherwise, chalk me up as another casualty to the Midwest Christmas dinner.

So posteth the Future Empress of the World
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